The objectives of the Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund (DAFI) includes: The successful DAFI-funded refugee graduate is expected to achieve self-reliance, seek gainful employment and help his/her family; The successful DAFI-funded refugee graduate is expected to explore his/her human resource development to contribute to the national reconstruction of the country of origin upon repatriation.

DAFI Clubs are part of the broader student and alumni network. They are institutionalized associations of former and current DAFI scholars who exchange experiences and information and together increase the impact they have. There are currently more than ten DAFI Clubs in countries with DAFI programmes and their number is continuously growing.

In addition to the DAFI Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DAFI.UNHCR/ we are happy to inform you that the Refugee Education (refed.org) is being relocated to the dafischolars.org website in-development. This means that the refed.org will no longer exist for Refugee Education as of Monday 19 April 2021. The new DAFI Scholars website will serve as the online community where DAFI Scholars are invited to share thoughts, articles, information, connect as well as download Refugee Education related documents.

We urge all DAFI Scholars and other refugee students to continue to focus on the positive aspect of life in order to help make the world a better place for all. As soon as the new website is complete, we shall announce its official launch on the DAFI Alumni platform and via other social media platforms.